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Ricky plays guitar, his brother Davey plays drums, and Javier plays bass. We are still in a desperate search for a good singer. Nacirema has gone through many guitar players in it's day. Since creation in 2000 or so, it's had about 5 or 6 different combinations of guitarists, without ever having a singer. Davey and Javier were both in the band since day one. Whenever they would practice, Ricky would sit in the garage and listen to them play (and watch guitarists come and go like seasons). After a while, he started playing guitar, and eventually decided to try to get his older brother and Javier to let him play with them. Guitarists still came and went during Ricky's membership in the band, until finally the dust settled, and it was just Ricky. The new trio tossed out all the songs that they used to have, and started with a clean slate. Ricky busted out a few songs, and with the help of Davey and Javier, shined and polished the songs that would be their new starting lineup: Asong, Drop D, To Pieces, and Woe is Me. Still in search of a singer, and possibly a second guitar player to further thicken the already-oh-so-abundant intensity, they try to cook up enough songs so that their future member(s) will have their work cut out for them when (t)he(y) arrive(s), and get ready for their first show...

oh yeah. if you sing or play guitar and are in the riverside california area, CALL ME!!!!! 909 730 0008 or email at